To tweet

OK, so the blog has been slow. Could I have run out of things to say after 635 posts in 3 years? Have I been too busy? It isn't Facebook, I promise.

Well, maybe just a pause.

Anyway, I have signed up for Twitter -- I don't intend to Twitter regularly, but it seems the easiest way for me to update the congregation from my phone while on the road with the Followers (my youth group) next week. I may or may not have a laptop with me to upload pictures but I will be able to post 140 character updates on the latest adventure on the singing/building trip to Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa.

You can find it there on the right side of the screen. You can sign up to follow it -- I don't understand that yet. I'll be testing to make sure it works but I'll be with 27 tech-savvy teenagers who will know how this works. (I said, "electronics policy" to them last night and they gasped!)


JAB said...

this might be useful:


dogearedpreacher said...

Be careful. I think Twitter is a tool of the devil!

Michelle said...

My intention is to kill my twitter, or stall it anyway, after the trip, but we'll see...so then I'd just be flirting with the devil, perhaps, dogearedpreacher!